How To Order

Before Ordering

Please read our Ordering Terms and make sure you understand them before you buy anything! You will find shipping and delivery details on that page.
Placing an order means that you agree to the ordering terms.

Shop Items

Items with an ‘Add to Basket‘ or ‘Select Options’ button are sold by us and the order is stored in our system. Jump to the section below for the ordering guide, click here.

Items with a ‘Buy*‘ button are links to view the details and price of the product on an external Supplier’s site, you can then choose to purchase the item at that site, or not. We are not in control of the order process on other web sites. (i) Some of those links may contain affiliate links. If you click a link and buy something I may receive some compensation. This does not change the price you would pay.

If an item does not have a ‘Buy’ or ‘Add to Basket’ button it may not be available for sale at present.
There are several reasons why an item is not available for purchase online. It may, for example, be on show in a gallery or exhibition elsewhere, or it may simply be too large to send.
If you wish to buy a particular item:
Please contact me stating the title of the work and any reference numbers.

Ordering Process

Artworks for sale are arranged in categories and each item has its own page. If you land on a page that shows several items together, you are either on a category page or reading an article. You can click any ‘Add to Cart’ button right there….

BUT… To see the details about the item you need to click the image or button and you will land on that item page.

There you will find the image and details about the item.

When you click ‘Add to Cart‘ button the item is added and will remain there until you are ready to review your choice. You can continue to look around the website and add other items to your cart as you go. This gives you the opportunity to ‘save’ a few and look at them later to finally decide.

Items can be removed or added at any time.

The Shopping Basket

You can find a link to your basket at the top of the page. Or you can Click Here

Items added to the cart are listed with a tiny image, the title, the quantity and the price. Each has a cross on the left. To remove an item from the cart just click that cross.

If you want to look at the details again, click the title of the item. If not, you can scroll down the page until you find the Shipping details.

Your country

Your browser should know where in the world you are, but you may want to check the setting, or send to a different country (as a gift, for example). We ship to limited countries: Please refer to Ordering Terms for the list of Countries.

Please Note. For Similar Products the shipping cost decreases per item when multiple items are ordered together. The final shipping cost will be calculated according to your billing address in the checkout but you can determine the shipping rate for the country where you live by doing the following:

…Click ‘Calculate Shipping’ and pick your billing country from the drop down list. Click ‘Update Total’ and the Vat/Tax rate and cost of shipping your home will be will be calculated and added to the total.

All products for sale will show inclusive prices for your country as you continue in the shop to show the correct tax rate where you live. Click ‘Proceed to Checkout‘.
If you want to ship to a different country, you will enter the address on the checkout page. The final shipping cost will calculated and you can choose to change the item or stop the buying process completely.


You will be presented with a form for your details, a choice to add a different shipping address and the order details further down the page.
TIP* You can enter your Postcode or zip code in both billing and shipping before you fill everything in to get the shipping cost, and fill in the rest if you are happy to continue buying.
(I Know. It’s So annoying to spend time filling everything in and then get a shock at the end!)

Please fill in all details carefully using the correct fields, and check for spelling mistakes in your email address.

Please check that the order details are exactly what you want. You can change the contents of the shopping cart at any stage by returning to the basket. The order is not final until you have placed your order.

Once you have added the details for your billing and delivery address etc. ‘Tick the box ‘I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions’ and Click ‘Proceed to PayPal‘ to place your order.

You will leave this site and be taken to Paypal, where you can pay securely with a credit card and I will never see your card details. You do not have to have an account with Paypal to use this method. The Payment Name on the PayPal invoice is OUTLINES

If you have any queries and would like to contact me first please don’t hesitate. I will answer queries as soon as possible, but please  bear in mind this can take several days. I’m a real person, an artist who does not spend all the time on the computer!


I will receive your order and fulfill it as soon as I am able.  I will let you know when it has been dispatched.

Note: All delivery time estimations are counted from the date of Dispatch and depend on the carrier.

How To Order Referred Items

Some of the products in our shop, as well as those referred to in articles, are sold by other sites. When you click on the buy button you will leave this website. We are not in control of the order process on other web sites.
(i) ‘Buy *’ may read ‘Buy Product’ ‘Buy at (the shop name’ ) or ‘Buy (any word)’